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This is Baggins at 15 weeks.  He's an American Eskimo dog.

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Your dog will hover in the kitchen while you bake yummy dog treats.

When he realizes the good smells are for him the excitement on his face is priceless!

I don't know how they know, but they do!

The Power of Diet

A change in diet can heal your dog of allergies, hot spots and help him lose weight.

A Corgi

Mollie's Story:

Mollie was a corgi who was constantly losing her fur and suffering from hot spots.

Her vet treated her with a constant series of steroid shots but she didn’t get better.

Eventually, her caretakers took her to a vet specializing in natural remedies.

They discovered Mollie was allergic to corn which was in the food Mollie was eating.

They changed to a grain free food and after a few weeks Mollie's fur had grown in and she was no longer itching and scratching!

What Is In Your Dog's Food?

What you don't know may horrify you.

Here's why all dog food is not the same and common ingredients to avoid.

Learn about the four common ingredients to look for in your pet's food that could be harmful.


I am not a medical practioner, if your pet seems sick please take him/her to a professional!

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