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Do Not Let Your Pet Chew Cooling Collars!
August 16, 2007
Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

Warming about Crystals in Cooling Collars!

In my last newsletter, I wrote about cooling dog collars--the kind filled with crystals to help keep your pet cooler longer.

Here's what one of my readers wrote to share.

Jennifer, I am VERY familiar with this type of product.

DO NOT let a small child or pet chew on these ! ! The polymer crystals are not toxic BUT they swell up so much so fast they could hurt a small tummy. And because they absorb water, they will draw water from the intestines and could kill a baby or small dog. Also DO NOT make them COLD as cold makes the arteries contract and could cause a stroke on an overheated animal. Just wet will work, as it's the water evaporating that cools.

Thanks for sharing this with your readers. M

Thanks Marie of for reminding us to be careful and not let our pets chew on these!

Your in health and treats,
Jennifer and Baggins

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