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Baggins' Bites: A Flea Repellent Without the Poisons
July 12, 2011
Dear Dog Lover,

No one likes fleas and ticks yet were not crazy about the common chemical treatments available for our pets either. Whats a concerned pet lover to do?

As one whos always on the search for natural remedies, Im indebted to two readers who sent in their effective, homemade flea repellents.

Heres one from Janice and her dog, Miss Hannah

Natural Flea and Bug Repellent

  • ♦ Take a BIG fat lemon (the more rind the better) and slice it paper thin.

  • ♦ Put in a bowl with a tablespoon of crushed rosemary leaves (or a 6 inch sprig of fresh).

  • ♦ Pour a quart of hot, near boiling water over the lemon and rosemary mixture.

  • ♦ Let steep overnight.

  • ♦ Strain and put into a large spray bottle.

  • ♦ Keep in fridge.

  • (NOTE: double or triple the recipe/then divide and freeze some) Shake well before applying. The d-limonene in this spray along with the rosemary oil will give your dog a beautiful shiny coat and keep fleas and other bugs away (including mosquitoes, so you get extra heartworm protection).

    Use the spray at least twice a week to keep the scent on the coat to repel bugs, and spray it around your doors and through the carpets.

    If it's a bad flea time, spray daily on the belly and feet to repel them. This has worked wonders for many years - and not only for the dogs, but people when hiking or walking in the woods. No bug will get near this stuff. And, of course, it's all-natural.

    Reader Tammy sent in another recipe:

    I make a spray bottle with 1/4 Avon Skin So Soft, 1/4 Dawn dish soap, 1/3 Apple Cider Vinegar with 15 drops citronella oil and fill up rest with water for fly, tick, mosquito, flea repellent. So far, not one tick on horses, 1 tick on each dog.

    Thanks to Janice and Tammy for sharing their tips!

    You can get more

    all natural dog & cat remedies from veterinarian Dr. Jones.


    I stand corrected. Last week I sent out a tick remedy that advocated suffocating the tick with a cotton ball doused in liquid soap.

    Since then, Ive learned this method is not suggested by certain tick removal experts as it can cause the tick to spit up on you or your pet releasing disease causing pathogens.

    Many apologies as I should have done my research beforehand.

    Heres to a flea free summer!

    Yours in Treats and Health,

    Jen & Sammy the best in dog treat recipes

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