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Baggins' Bites: Painful Skin Conditions?
August 16, 2011
Dear Dog Lover,

If your dog is suffering from dry, itchy skin or irritated hotspots, you can help your vet heal your dog.

First, you should know there’s not just one or two possibilities for why your dog is scratching nonstop or chewing his paws off. Skin conditions are one of the most common dog health problems.

Why? Well, here’s a short list of why Max just can’t seem to get comfortable:

• Allergies—there are 5 different types of allergies and problem skin is a symptom for all of them.

Here are other possiblities:

• Boredom
• Stress
• Flea infestation
• Trapped, dead hair

So, what do you do? Well, it’s time to put on your detective hat and start looking for clues.

Step 1:

Make a list of your dog’s symptoms. You probably have these in your head already, but make it easy on yourself by writing them down and taking them with you to your next vet appointment so you can share the information.

Is your pet constantly chewing her paws? Is her skin dry and flaky? Write down whatever symptoms you see. Better yet, write down the times they occur.

Next, use your powers of observation.

Step 2:

See if you can make a connection between when the itching starts and something else.

Does it worsen after a meal? After a walk in a certain area? Did you recently change your pet’s food?

By writing down the days/times you notice particular symptoms, you may find a pattern. That pattern could be critical to diagnosing your pet’s illness and getting her well!

Step 3: Provide relief to your pet with some simple home remedies. Black tea bags are filled with tannins to help heal your pet’s skin.

To get the full effects, you can just dip the tea bags in a glass of water until soaked and then place them directly on your pet’s skin. You may need a helper to distract her why you hold the bags in place.

Use your judgment as to how many you’ll need. A small hotspot might only need 1 or 2 tea bags while a bigger area will need more. Try this 3-4 times a day for a few days see the difference!

To get more

natural remedies for dogs, you’ll love the book Veterinary Secrets Revealed.

I look forward to hearing your success stories!

Yours in Treats and Health,

Jen & Sammy the best in dog treat recipes

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