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Baggins' Bites: Diet and Disease in Your Dog
September 23, 2011
Hey Dog Lover,

Hey Dog Lover, Have you ever been at the vet’s office and wondered if your dog truly needed certain (expensive) tests? And, if so, how were you going to pay for them? I know I have.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew the RIGHT questions to ask your vet?

Not only do you want to save your pet from unnecessary procedures costing hundreds or 1000’s of dollars, but you’d also like to know the full scoop on preventing nasty side effects from conventional meds, am I right?

Veterinarian Dr. Jones is giving away a special report called The Truth behind Veterinarians, Vaccines, Diet and Disease.

Here’s a peek inside:

• His Advised Vaccine Regimen for dogs & cat’s (You’ll find many holistic vets recognize this adjusted schedule as easier on your pet’s body with fewer side effects like allergies)

• His Advised Pet Food List—Which companies put love & care into their food to make it as healthy as possible?

• He’ll give you the scoop on How to feed Raw—there are a lot of myths around this feeding practice and he’ll show the right way to do it.

• Recipes for feeding a complete and balanced meal

• Plus, safe and effective home remedies for some of the more common diseases like allergies, urinary tract infections and more.

Best of all, it won’t cost you a dime.

You can grab it here.

I look forward to hearing your success stories!

Yours in Treats and Health,

Jen & Sammy the best in dog treat recipes

P.S. BTW, Dr. Jones is having a huge “thank you” sale. If you wanted to get the complete At Home pet healing program but felt the price was more than you could swing, he’s offering it at 85% off!

But only until next Tuesday, September 27 at Midnight.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside:

1. Veterinary Secrets Revealed, The e-Book $67
2. Veterinary Secrets Revealed, Complete MP3 Audio Version $47
3. Pet First Aid Secrets: Complete First Aid Manual (e-Book)$47
4. Pet First Aid Secrets, Complete MP3 Audio Version $47
5. Pet CPR Training Video $39
6. Dog And Cat Acupressure Training Video $47
7. Massage For Dogs And Cats Training Video $39
8. Herbal Healing For Dogs And Cats Training Video $47
9. Homeopathy For Dogs And Cats Training Video $47

All for just $97—I know, crazy right?

Plus, a whole boatload of bonuses…

check out the full story here.

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