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Baggins' Bites: How Many Treats?
January 17, 2012
Hey Dog Lover,

January is National Dog Training Month!

If you want to “ramp up” your training with your best friend, there’s no better time to start than now.

Do you use treats to train your pet?

Treat rewards work for most dogs. However, if you’re not careful, your pet can easily eat his way to poor health if you don’t watch his food intake.

How Much Is Your Pet Eating?

If you spend 10-15 minutes training your dog to “stay” for example, how many treats are you giving your pet?

According to Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, at least 35% of the 78 million pet dogs in the U.S. are overweight.

Every extra pound on your pet is like 10 extra pounds on you. Think of the pressure that puts on your pet’s heart! It also puts your pet at risk for diabetes, lowered immune system and digestive problems.

Then there are mobility issues.

It’s so sad to see a pet who’s so overweight he can only waddle around and gasp for air.

Since maintaining a healthy weight is essential to good health and longevity (and fewer vet bills!) You’ll want to keep tabs on your pet’s food intake.

3 Considerations:

1—The activity level of your dog matters a lot.

If you have a working dog or your dog is participating in high calorie burn activities like agility courses they can eat more. It always comes back to “calories in and calories out”

However, if you have a couch potato dog you’re going to have to work harder to ensure they’re not overeating.

2--If you’re feeding treats throughout the day—whether training or not--reduce your pet’s meal size.

You can even use the meal itself as the training rewards. You can also use baby carrots or bits of apple as rewards, they’re healthy and lower calorie than many treats.

3—You should be able to see your dog’s waist. There should be an indent around the ribs, not a bulge.

You can learn more about reducing your pet’s “size” here.

Yours in Treats and Health,

Jen & Sammy the best in dog treat recipes

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