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Baggins' Bites: Your Senior Dog's Health
March 20, 2012
Hey Dog Lover,

Maybe you’ve noticed your dog doesn’t want to play as much as she once did.

Maybe it’s the gray muzzle or she’s slower to get up from her napping spot.

It’s a fact your dog is getting older.

You already know health and nutrition and key components of a healthy life.

As your dog gets older, her needs will change. She needs a different type of food and less of it as she slows down in her older years.

This month’s K9 Reporter shares:

  • How to keep your senior dog mentally and physically fit
  • What you need to know about diabetes in dogs
  • Senior dog and dental care … Is it too late?
  • Special need dogs and sensational seniors
  • 10 tips to help your arthritic dog be healthy and comfortable
  • And more…

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