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Baggins' Bites: The #1 Natural Remedy
May 15, 2012
Hey Dog Lover,

According to veterinarian, Dr. Charles Loops, The Veterinarians’ Guide to Natural Remedies for Dogs says arnica is a must have in your medicine cabinet.

If your pet suffers a trauma like getting hit by a car, arnica can help ease the pain, stop bleeding and shock and soothe them.

He says the effectiveness of this remedy opens a lot of eyes to the power of homeopathy.

How to Use Arnica for Dogs

Arnica root comes in two forms—a gel and an oral form (usually blended with other herbs in a liquid or pill form).


Rub the gel directly on your pet’s joints to ease stiffness and pain from arthritis. You can apply it up to four times a day. Don’t use on broken skin.
You can also give Arnica for arthritis 30 c in the a.m. for 10 days and determine if it’s working.


If your pet has suffered a severe and sudden injury such as a serious bite or been hit by a vehicle, you can use lots of arnica to ease your pet’s pain and anxiety.

Dr. Loops says you can give 30 C which is the amount in this product and go up to as much as 200C or 1 M if necessary.

Administer it every few minutes until it seems to take effect and then space out the dosage.

Hot Spots

If your dog suffers with “hot spots”, open sores your pet just won’t stop chewing, licking or biting, arnica can help. It seems to cool the inflammation so your pet will stop the incessant licking.

Veterinarians say you can give 30c twice a day for 2-3 days and wait a day or two. If your dog seems better, don’t give any more. If Max is still chewing himself to pieces, give the dose for another 2-3 days and stop again.

If your pet suffers trauma, give 30 C every few minutes at first and then spread out the time.

Along with the oral arnica, you can combine it with arnica gel.

It will speed the healing of bruises, bumps and strained muscles.

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