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Baggins' Bites: For Pet Professionals
September 23, 2015
Hey Dog Lover,

First, I just want to say YOU ROCK!


It's been so awesome to hear from you.

You've shared your stories, told me you've missed me (thank're too sweet) and some of you...those of you who are pet sitters and dog groomers have requested this free report I put together.

It's called 14 Insanely Profitable Ways to Market Your Pet Business.

Just sign up here and it'll be on it's way to you.

In case you missed the last email, I mentioned I've had a lot of transitions over the past 5 years, yet one of those is writing for small business owners -- especially web copy for pet professionals.

In fact, it occurred to me that I’ve written well over 500 web pages and blog posts for myself and clients in the pet market. Plus another 300 or so on marketing for small businesses.

I’ve also logged a 100 hours or so doing social media and SEO trainings with some of those people.

Crazy, huh?
Anyway, you can grab that report here and it'll be on it's way to you.

It's based on 10 years' of experience in web marketing. Plus, it's chock full of information and ideas for growing your pet business.

If you’re not interested, no worries.

I hope you’re well.

I’m still not sure the direction I’m taking with but thanks for being here.

What are you up to? You can click "reply" and let me know. Thanks!

Yours in Treats and Health,


P.S. Here’s where you can sign up to receive that special report.

The first 5 are expected and critical in today’s world. Isn’t it time you stand out from the pack?

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