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Baggins' Bites: For Rescue Dog Lovers
December 15, 2015
Hey Dog Lover,

My friend Franca adopted a lab mix puppy a little over a year ago.

It'd been awhile since she'd had a puppy and "Charli" started showing up in my Facebook feed with remorseful looks on her puppy face -- she was muddy from a garden romp, muddy from rolling around in the firepit (during the rain), and in another, she sat in a pile of feathers and stuffing from yet another destroyed throw pillow.

Nearly everyday, Franca would post another picture of "Charli" with a quote like this one.

"Mom says she had to put so much cayenne pepper on the rugs so I don't eat them that her house smells like Taco Bell..."

Finally, one of her friends suggested she write a kid's book and she did.

The Adventures of Charli: My Rescue Puppy.

Since you're all dog lovers and so many of you have rescue pups, I thought you'd like this book.

Just in time for the holidays!

It's beautifully illustrated by a local illustrator I know and Franca also included the photos that originally inspired the book.

Yours in Treats and Health,


P.S. Happy Holidays! (If you purchase the book, I'll get a few cents from the purchase price. Better yet, Franca will donate part of the proceeds to an animal rescue.:-)


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