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Holiday Tips for Keeping Your Pet Safe, Baggins' Bites Newsletter
December 15, 2005
Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

Welcome to the December Issue of Baggins’ Bites.

I hope you can spare a few minutes to read this and potentially save you and your furry friend from unnecessary suffering this holiday season.

The holidays are a hectic time, our schedules are crowded and unpredictable. Either we’re gone more leaving our pets alone more often, or we have a houseful of guests coming and going. Either way, all this activity mixed with the decorations, gifts and rich food hanging around can be a source of stress and maybe sickness for our furry friends.

Below are 8 Safety Tips to keep in mind to keep your pets safe and away from the emergency vet.

1. Be especially diligent about keeping foods/goodies out of reach of pets.

It’s easy to forget and leave something to close to the edge of a counter or a guest may leave a plate on a chair without thinking. The major hazard is your dog getting into a holiday package of cookies, or chocolate. Even a small amount of chocolate can sicken your pet causing vomiting and diarrhea. Large amounts can potentially be deadly.

2. Don’t feed your pet rich gravies, or fat trimmings, if you’d like to give your pet a little something special, lean meat and veggies are ok. Or put a little chicken stock over his regular kibble.

3. Make sure tree decorations are out of reach of your pet if she’s likely to chew them.

Be aware of decorations that can be toxic. Tinsel, garland and artificial snow can all look like tasty chew toys to our friends. Make sure they’re out of the way if you have a chewer. They are not digestible and can cause internal blockages, they can also be made of toxic materials.

4. Also, be aware that a lot of tree water preservatives can seem enticing your pet, these fertilizers can cause illnesses. Look for tree water preservatives that have a non-toxic label.

To read the other 4 Holiday Tips, go to the rest of the article at

Gift Giving Suggestions for the Dog Lovers on Your Gift List

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Turkey Treat Recipe Got a lot of leftover turkey? Make this Turkey Treat Recipe for the dogs!

How to Wrap Home Baked Treats? Are you giving home baked treats to some special doggies this holiday season? Try putting them in a glass mason jar. You can cut a piece of fabric with pinking shears for the top and tie it on with a ribbon.

You could also put them in decorative baggies and put them in a gift bag.

Do You Have a Special Holiday Tradition with your Pet?
If so, please send your ideas. I’ll include them in a future issue of Baggins’ Bites.

Calling All Canine Models I’m looking for holiday pics for the photo gallery on the website. Do you have photos of your pup with Santa or posing in some other festive way? Email them and I’ll put them on the site.

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season! Until next time,

Warmly, Jennifer April and Baggins

Copyright 2005

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