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The Dangers of Rat Poison
September 18, 2007
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    Warnings About Rat Poison

    We all know that poison is well, poison, and isn’t meant for those we love.

    But, in the struggle to safeguard our homes against vermin, it may be used occasionally by us or a professional. These poisons can pose a real health hazard to our loved ones.

    Whether loose, “where the dogs can’t get to it”, or in traps, this stuff has the ability to get spread around. I’ve heard that rats can go into the traps and bring crumbs of the stuff out that can get found by pets and children.

    Recently, I heard from a reader that her dogs (a Shih Tzu and Maltese) had gotten into some rat poison—a brand called Bromadialone--that had been put out in traps by an exterminator.

    Rat Poison has always had the potential to be harmful to our pets but the new varieties on the market such as those containing bromadiolone are even more harmful as these are considered, “single-feeding anti-coagulants”, meaning they’re stronger.

    Whether the pets eat the poison straight or consume the carcass of the poisoned rodent, this poison can kill pets.

    According to an American Association for Poison Control Centers report from 1990, 14% of pet deaths resulting from toxic substances were from this type of poison. (60 out of 425 reported deaths)

    While this reader had her doubts about the safety of the poison around her dogs, the exterminator had assured her it was safe for them. Unfortunately, he was wrong.

    My heart goes out to her in this sad time. Please remember, poison in any form isn’t safe.

    If you have it in your home, please make sure it’s not in a place where pets and children can get to it. If you find your pet has ingested some type of poison, please call your vet immediately!

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    Reader’s Write

    Nicole wrote

    Jennifer, Thanks for the great site. I started baking treats for my dog Nikki and she loves them! It’s been so easy to train her now with homemade treats! Thanks! Nicole

    Nicole, I’m glad you and Nikki are enjoying the recipes. Thanks for writing! Jennifer


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    Jennifer and Baggins

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