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Relax With Your Pet
December 18, 2007
Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

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  • Happy Holidays!

    Thanks to everyone who has sent in pictures of your dogs! I love seeing them and I know others do too.

    If you want to add pictures of your dogs just scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out the form.

    So, go ahead, send pictures of Fido! You can also comment on one another's dog photos! Who's got the biggest ears? The longest snout? Send Pictures of Your Dog!

    Take a Break: 5 Relaxing Things to Do
    with Your Pet

    'Tis the season of rushing and overindulgence and it may seem difficult to spend two minutes with Max but it's important to take a break to save your sanity.

    In all the holiday rush, your pet(s) may be left alone more, stressed by your stress and extra guests and so much more.

    Here are 5 things to do together to relax both of you and strengthen your bond:

    1) Take a walk, preferably through the woods
    2) Brush Fido with long, slow brush strokes while talking softly to him
    3) Take a short nap together
    4) Sit quietly in a favorite spot and give long belly rubs
    5) Massage your pet's joints

    How many more can you come up with?

    Reader’s Write

    Hi, I have a problem finding a chew treat (ex: rawhides,pig ears etc) that my Am Eskimo/Yellow Lab, Nikia will chew on.

    In the winter months where it gets too cold for a lot of outside activities, I need to find other things to keep her occupied, and would like to find something that would occupy some of her time by chewing and cleaning her teeth at the same time. Have you any idea's to somehow make a rawhide bone or similar to make it more enticing to her?

    Also,if you have any idea's for inside games in a small space. She loves to play "hide and seek for treats", but I don't want to make everything about food, since she gets less exercise when it's cold outside. Any tips will be appreciated. Thankyou, and Happy Holidays!

    Hi Jolaine,
    While I don’t know anything about making rawhide treats, I can suggest the Kong toy where you can put p-nut butter or treats inside and she has to work to get them.

    You can also play hide and seek with her indoors or out! My Am. Eskimo loves this too. If you have a fenced in yard and she’s anything like my guy, she’ll love to run at a fast pace through the yard and drop “flat” in the snow to way her tail. Burning the calories!

    hello! i love the site.. it is very cool! i have made a few dog treats from this site and my dogs love them! i have three full blooded labs. my chocolate lab has a skin problem. she breaks out badly from protein! i would like to know if there is a doggie treat that you would recommend?

    then i would like to ask you if you know of any recipes that have frosting. i know that dogs are not to have chocolate or white chocolate. if you could help me out that would be great!


    Hi Sarah,

    There are lots of treats on my website, that are low in protein, even the gingerbread recipe below could work for you.

    Regarding frosting, Try mixing up these ingredients for quick frosting that can your dogs will love!

  • 2 tablespoons smooth peanut butter

  • 1/3 cup plain yogurt

  • 1/4 cup wheat germ

  • Spread on the dog treat just before serving. Store frosting in the refrigerator.

    Keep up the comments, I love to hear from all of you.

    Happy Holidays!


    Gingerbread for the pups!

    Remember, if you want to give treats as gifts and have them last longer, let them harden in the oven or on the counter overnight. The less moisture, the longer they'll last. Make sure they're completely cool before storing.

    Gingerbread Dog Treats

    Gift Ideas

    Be sure to have a look at the new Gifts for Dog Lovers page. Sassy t-shirts, calendars and more for the dog lovers in your life. Holiday Gifts

    Thanks so much for reading. Don’t forget, you can always write me by hitting “reply”. Give your dogs lots of love and remind them of their wonderfulness. ‘til next time, Jennifer & Baggins

    Your in health and treats,
    Jennifer and Baggins

    Your stop for all-natural-dog-treat recipes and tips on improving your dog's health and happiness all naturally.

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