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Healthy Mouth=Healthy Dog
May 20, 2008
Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

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    Welcome to all the new readers whoíve been signing up for Bagginsí Bites;) I'm delighted you're joining the growing number of folks interested in their pet's health.

    Iíd like to invite you all share pictures of your dog(s). Itís easy. Tell us a great story about your pet. We love to hear Ďem! You can comment on other pets too! Who's the funniest dog?

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    Healthy Mouth = Healthy Dog

    Iíll bet you brush your teeth every day. Probably more than once a day, right?

    Your dogís teeth? Not so often.

    Am I right? Does he have brown gunk on his teeth? Breath smell bad? When chewing a bone does he leave little traces of blood?

    If you said "Yes" to any of these, Max is due for a thorough teeth cleaning. Just like humans, dogs can develop gum disease, gingivitis and other painful mouth conditions that can lead to health problems throughout the body.

    If you arenít in the habit of brushing your dogís teeth, it may take a few tries before she lets you.

    Work up to it slowly

  • Wrap your finger in a soft cloth and work to introduce it into her mouth making a brushing action with your finger

  • This is enough for the first session or even first couple sessions, it depends on how amenable your pet is to this new interaction.

  • Once youíve gotten her comfortable with your finger and a cloth in her mouth, youíre ready to move on to an actual brush.
  • Introduce the brush into her mouth and make a brushing motion, at this point donít use any toothpaste, your goal is to get your pet comfortable with the feeling.
  • Repeat with toothpaste. Use doggie toothpaste not humans, doggie toothpaste is meant to be eaten--which is what will happen--people toothpaste is not and could cause upset tummies. Plus, doggie toothpaste comes in fun flavors like chicken and beef!
  • Brush your petís teeth daily.
  • They need a healthy mouth too! Dog Dental Care

    Readerís Write

    I have a 6 year old brindle boston terrier with allergy problems. I want some high quality treats and /or treat recipes that are good for her teeth and won't upset her GI tract. Also want info on food and/or recipes for allergic dogs. She is 19lbs and under. Any suggestions?

    Hi Mollie,
    Crunchy dog treats as well as crunchy food (kibble or bones) will help your petís teeth to stay clean. Whatís she allergic to? Certain foods?

    Many people who feed the raw diet of bones and meat swear their dogís teeth have never been cleaner and their allergies have disappeared.

    Depending on your petís allergies you may want to explore this avenue. Dr. Pitcairn and Dr. Ian Billinghurst are both good sources of information for necessary nutrition requirements.

    And if you want ease into it? There are dehydrated and frozen foods on the market to simplify your life. Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Dog Food Embark 4 lb. Bag and Raw Advantage Organic Beef & Vegetables 1 lb.

    Good luck Mollie! Best, Jennifer & Baggins

    Amy is my Rescue Greyhound,she ask me to say Thank You(woof woof)for the fantastic tasty treats.Liver Treats and Minty Bones are her favourite.The Minty Bones have made such a difference to her breath. Thank you from a very happy pet and owner.
    Amy and Mary Cambridgeshire England

    Thanks Amy and Mary!

    Keep up the comments, I love to hear from all of you.

    And remember, I'm not a vet but I care about our animals and want to share with you all that I learn!

    Sunflower Seeds Dog Treats

    These sunflower seed dog treats are hard and crunchy--good for Fidoís teeth. Sunflower seeds are great sources for the antioxidant vitamin E, boosting cardiovascular function and calming magnesium.

    Sunflower Dog Treats

    Tell Me What You Want!

    What questions do you need answers to? What Do You Want? Your questions may turn up in a future issue of Baggins' Bites'!


    Thanks so much for reading. Donít forget, you can always write me by hitting ďreplyĒ. Give your dogs lots of love and remind them of their wonderfulness. Ďtil next time,

    Your in health and treats,
    Jennifer and Baggins

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