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Take a Hike!
September 23, 2008
Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

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  • 2. Feature Article: Take a Hike with Max

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  • Hello!

    Welcome to all the new readers who’ve been signing up for Baggins’ Bites;) We dog lovers span the globe, it's always exciting to hear from dog loving friends from Australia to Philadelphia and everywhere in between.

    I’d like to invite you all share pictures of your dog(s). It’s easy and fun! Don't forget to tell us where you live! You can click the link below and add your four-legged joy.

    Send Pictures of Your Dog!

    Take a Hike

    Take a Hike with Your Dog

    As the weather turns cooler here in the north east, it's a great time to leash up Max and go for a walk. Whether it's around the block, down a country lane or joining one of the many pet friendly "walk for a cause" sponsored walks around the U.S., take advantage of the chance to get some fresh air and exercise.

    It'll do you both good!

    Reader’s Write

    Hi Jennifer,

    I have a wonderful and easy doggie treat recipe using pureed liver, wheat flour, egg, and garlic. It also, however, calls for cornmeal. What is a good substitute for the cornmeal?


    Hi Cathy,

    You can try another type of flour as a subsitute for cornmeal. You could also sub oatmeal for the cornmeal.

    Dog treat recipes are much easier to play with than recipes for people because our dogs have much more limited palates. To them we've baked them a treat, they don't know or care if it seems lumpy to us or the texture isn't quite right. Don't be afraid to play with different ingredients and see what works. Most dogs aren't that picky.

    Apple Dog Biscuits

    Celebrate Fall by gathering up those fresh apples and baking some treats. Flaxseeds add healthy omega 3's which are great for your pet's skin and coat.

    Apple Dog Biscuits

    Well, that's it for this month's edition of Baggins' Bites

    Coming Next Month, 3 tips on helping your pet to have a shiny and healthy coat.

    Thanks so much for reading. Don’t forget, you can always write me by hitting “reply”. Give your dogs lots of love and remind them of their wonderfulness. ‘til next time,

    Your in health and treats,
    Jennifer and Baggins

    All-natural-dog-treat recipes and tips on improving your dog's health and happiness all naturally.

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