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Doggie Tips & Treats from Baggins' Bites
May 19, 2009
Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

  • 1. Welcome

  • 2. Feature Article: New Beginnings

  • 3. Reader’s Write: How to Stop Your Pet From Licking Himself to Infection

  • 4. Recipe: Peanut Butter Goodness

  • 5. Add Your Dog to the Photo Gallery

  • 6. Wrap Up

  • Welcome to the May 09 issue of Baggins’ Bites!

    New Beginnings

    Whew, it’s been a crazy couple of months. Baggins and I moved in April and 10 days later I left him at the Bed and Biscuit while I headed to New Orleans to help manage bridal emergencies for the wedding of my youngest sister.

    It was a beautiful event and a great time all around. The highlight was that my frail and in poor health 82 year old grandmother made the 12 hour trip from South Carolina and danced and drank champagne!

    Now Baggins is happy to be home. He has a new buddy “Arthur” a 4 year old Pug for a housemate. As I write this, Baggins is grooming Arthur’s face. I didn’t know dogs did that!

    When I got home last week, I discovered I’d missed National Pet Week, May 3-9 but now that May is nearly over we can declare it “Happy Pet Day” and make a special treat for our little dears.

    What do you say?

    But first, let's address Shirley's question about her dog who won't stop chewing his paws.

    Reader's Write


    We are having a problem with our dog chewing his front paws. Now he is on meds. for the infection he has caused them. What do you suggest to stop him from chewing them, other than the cone collar?


    Dear Shirley,

    You don't want to keep your dog in a cone collar--or the "lampshade"? Why ever not?

    Well, I can understand your reluctance,and can offer some suggestions but you're going to have to get to the underlying problem to end the pain.

    There are several reasons your pet could be chewing his paws to the point of damage.

    1-Stress--if you’ve recently moved, brought home a new family member or otherwise created a major change in your pet’s life, he may comfort himself with incessant licking and chewing of his body. Sounds strange but it’s a common practice.

    2-Bugs--fleas, ticks or other critters picked up from outdoor romps will definitely cause Max to worry himself with his teeth and tongue in attempts to rid himself of the irritation they’re causing him.

    3-Skin disorders--your pet could be allergic to his food, your carpet, his shampoo or dust mites. This could show up as mange or dermatitis.

    4-He likes it! Maybe your pet is clean, healthy and happy but loves to chew his paws anyway? It could just be a bad habit like biting your fingernails.

    One way you can try to curb the chewing habit is to distract your pet.

    Give him a yummy food stuffed kong for a better reward. Combine this with an anti lick bandage like (kind of like a doggie band aid) and keep an eye on him for a couple of days, you should be able to ditch the lampshade.

    Good luck!

    Peanut Better Goodness

    Peanut Butter Goodness

    Add to the Photo Gallery!

    You can share your rescue tails erm tales here

    I’d like to invite you all share pictures of your dog(s). It’s easy and fun! Don't forget to tell us where you live! You can click the link below and add your four-legged joy.

    Add Your Dog to the Photo Gallery!

    Until the next issue of Baggins' Bites! Stay well!

    Yours in health and treats,
    Jen & Baggins

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