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Dog Hot Spots
August 18, 2009
Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

Reader Lucretia Miele wants to know about natural remedies for hotspots and "itching like crazy" in her dog.

I remember when Baggins had dog hot spots, he wouldn't stop licking and chewing his arm until he had a raw sore without any fur.

He was still a young pup and I didn't know what to do about it. My solution was to rub aloe vera gel on the irritated area and distract him for awhile so he would leave it alone.

Luckily my methods worked and we haven't had to revisit this issue but hot spots on dogs are common. What to do about hot spots in dogs

Frozen Dog Treats

If it's as hot where you are as it's been in Philadelphia, frozen anything sounds great. Here's an easy frozen dog treat for your pups.

Frozen Dog Treats

Add to the Photo Gallery!

You can share your rescue tails erm tales here

Id like to invite you all share pictures of your dog(s). Its easy and fun! Don't forget to tell us where you live! You can click the link below and add your four-legged joy.

Add Your Dog to the Photo Gallery!

Until the next issue of Baggins' Bites! Stay well and happy baking!

Yours in health and treats,
Jen & Baggins

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