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National Holistic Pet Day
August 31, 2009
Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

Yesterday was National Holistic Pet Day

There's a lot of confusion about what holistic means. Basically, it means treating the whole body and not just the symptoms.

For example, Mollie was a corgi who was constantly losing her fur and suffering from hot spots. Her vet treated her with a constant series of steroid shots but she didnít get better. Eventually, her caretakers, Jim and Hanna took her to a vet specializing in natural remedies. They discovered Mollie was allergic to corn which was in the food Mollie was eating.

They changed to a grain free food and after a few weeks Mollie was healthy again!

You can learn more about holistic practices from reading publications like

Whole Dog Journal

Have a great holistic day!

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Until the next issue of Baggins' Bites! Stay well and happy baking!

Yours in health and treats,
Jen & Baggins

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