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Baggins' Bites Quick Poll Results!
November 03, 2009
Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

So, Halloween has come and gone for another year. I hope you and your pups had a good time!

A few weeks ago I asked a quick poll. Here are the questions and the results.

Are you planning on dressing up your pups for Halloween?
88.9% of respondents said “yes”!

7.4% of you were undecided And 3.7% said, “no”, your pup wasn’t costume material.

Thanks for your responses!

And, just for the record, Baggins sat this one out. But he's not real excited about costumes.

So, do you have pictures to share? Here's Cooper in His Witches Outfit

Dog Pictures

Happy Baking!

Jen & Baggins The best in homemade dog treats for your dog.

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Add to the Photo Gallery!

You can share your rescue tails erm tales here

I’d like to invite you all share pictures of your dog(s). It’s easy and fun! Don't forget to tell us where you live! You can click the link below and add your four-legged joy.

Add Your Dog to the Photo Gallery!

Until the next issue of Baggins' Bites! Stay well and happy baking!

Yours in health and treats,
Jen & Baggins

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