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Baggins' Bites Sad News
November 17, 2009
Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

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    Sad News

    Baggins has lymphoma.

    I got the diagnosis nearly three weeks ago by the time you read this and heís had two chemo treatments since. Heís responding well to the steroids and the side benefit is, the prednisone is helping his arthritis--a lot.

    Iíve been reading about natural treatments for cancer but there's so much to learn and I feel so overwhelmed.

    My plan is use herbs and homeopathy in conjunction with conventional treatments.

    So far in addition to chemo treatments, Baggins is getting two teaspoonfuls a day of flaxseeds, one with each meal. You've heard me mention flaxseeds before. They're reported to help stop the spread of this disease.

    He seems to feel fine, running up and down stairs like I haven't seen him do in years.

    I recently discovered another vet, Dr. Jones, who says cancer is the number 1 cause of pet deaths in dogs over 7 years old. I donít know about you but I think thatís a shocking number.

    Dr. Jones--more on him in another issue--and other vets believe these cancers are being caused by over vaccinating and poor food choices.

    We talk a lot on this site about the importance of feeding quality food to your pet.

    I think you know Iíve been concerned with Bagginsí diet for many years. Just like you feel better when you eat nutritious food, Baggins has been fed the best food I could give him. I guess we donít always know the reasons for disease.

    It's scary, Iíve never dealt with cancer before.

    Please, feed your pets antioxidants to help protect them from this epidemic.

    Berries and Vitamin C are both good ways to get antioxidants into your pet. Antioxidants protect against cancer.

    Iíll be sharing with you what I learn about cancer treatments, both natural and conventional as Baggins and I go through this journey.

    I know many of you have been through this with your furkids and Iíll be eager to hear any advice you want to share. Thank you!

    Reader's Write


    I recently moved to an apartment from a house and my dog has adjusted just fine.

    Although we have been here a month and getting her to find a place to go #2 potty has been a huge problem. She will hold it till she cannot hold it anymore. I will take her out for 20 to 30 minutes and she won't do anything, then the second I come back inside she goes to the door whining again. Please help me help her go potty! That way we can both be stress free.


    Hi Rebecca,

    Let me start by saying I'm not a dog trainer. I'm sure I'll hear from my dog trainer readers if I screw up royally but here goes.

    Firstly, she may be more stressed than you realize about the move. You might want to try Bach's Rescue Remedy--available at pet stores or Whole Foods type grocery stores-- to help her relax.

    Otherwise, my suggestion would be to do what you're doing, i.e. taking her out, bringing her in and then having to go right back out again but when you go back out for 2nd time praise her over and over--"good dog", pet her, feed her tiny bits of a good treat as she does her business.

    You can even say something else like "hurry up" or "go potty" while you praise and feed the treats.

    After a couple of days you can try the "hurry up" when you go outside the first time and see if she's making the association. If she goes then? Lavish her with treats and praise!

    For more on dog training, I highly recommend the newsletter Whole Dog Journal

    It's a no nonsense guide to your dog with articles from dog trainers and reviews of pet food and much, much more.

    I've learned a lot from them over the years. You can read more at Whole Dog Journal

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    Until the next issue of Baggins' Bites! Stay well and happy baking!

    Yours in health and treats,
    Jen & Baggins

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