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Baggins' Bites: 4 Health Boosting Vitamins and Herbs for Your Dog
December 15, 2009
Dear Dog Lover,

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    Baggins Update

    I am so grateful and appreciative of all of you who wrote and expressed your sympathy, prayers and well wishes after last monthís announcement that Baggins was diagnosed with lymphoma.

    It truly means a lot to get so many caring and supportive emails.

    Here's an update on Mr. Baggins:

    We tried chemo but by the 3rd week, he was so listless and lethargic I couldnít keep it up. He didnít eat at all for two days. (Not even homemade treats!)

    Iím pleased to report heís doing very well these last 3 weeks.

    After that scary weekend of listlessness and not eating, he gained his energy back and now is barking and bouncing around like an energetic pup! It must be all the good energy youíre sending him!

    Heís now done with the prednisone and heís only on herbs and vitamins as I write this. Essiac tea capsules 3 times a day (filled with herbs said to kill cancer cells), 500-1000 mg of Vitamin C, Astralagus root tincture, fish oil capsules, and ground flaxseeds in his food which is meat or fish and veggies (including maitake mushrooms) Iíve cooked and added to his kibble.

    Iím learning a lot about herbs and alternative therapies, but thereís a lot to learn. Here are 4 simple things you can do to help your pet stay in good health.

    4 Immune Boosters for Your Dog

    1- Vitamin C--Just as you take it when you feel a cold coming on, your pet can take it to stay healthy too.

    Baggins is now taking 1000 mg a day. One reader told me she had injections of Vitamin C given to her dog in her bout with cancer.

    2-Astralagus root--my local natural food store lady was thrilled when I asked about this.

    When I mentioned it to my mom, turns out she takes it too. It comes in a liquid with a dropper in the top of the bottle. I give it to him throughout the day. Like Vitamin C itís also meant to make his immune system strong.

    3-Flaxseeds --Youíve heard me mention these before, theyíre healthy omega 3ís (like salmon) and are great for counteracting free radicals in the environment.

    Berries are good too, you can feed your pet blueberries, cranberries or other types and heíll benefit from the health boost.

    4-Supplements --Iíll admit, Iíve been lax with feeding Baggins supplements over the years. I would buy a jar and then mix it in his food when I remembered to add it which might be once a day or once a week.

    Then weíd run out and I wouldnít buy more for awhile. I never got in the habit of feeding him a supplement regularly. I wish I had. I just discovered this vet designed supplement from a vet in Canada.

    Dr. Jones knows what's like to lose a pet to cancer and he has the medical background to do something about it. This supplement is easy to add to your pet's food.

    Reader's Write

    The Dangers of Sugar Free Foods

    Reader Kelly Ellis discovered her dog ďLuckyĒ ate around 30 pieces of sugar free gum.

    She immediately called her vet to see if this would cause Lucky to have problems and they asked if xylitol was in it. It did.

    Xylitol is a chemical used in sugar free foods to add a sweet flavor. But it can have serious consequences for your four legged friends.

    Lucky is lucky Kelly called her vet, she was instructed to induce vomiting and bring him in right away. He was put on IVís, liver pills and had to stay for 48 hours so they could do regular glucose checks.

    The problem with xylitol is that interacts with your petís bloodstream causing his glucose levels to drop which can induce seizures and--death. And it doesn't take much, a pack of gum, a box of Tic Tacs, a cupcake. So, please, keep sugar free foods away from your pets!

    Thanks Kelly!

    Recipes: Dog Treat Frosting

    Awhile ago I let you know I'd been experimenting with a yogurt based dog treat frosting. It wasn't getting hard but Baggins didn't mind.

    Several of you wrote in with your suggestions for hardening the frosting. So, here's what you had to say. Frosting for Treats

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    Dog Pictures

    Happy Baking!

    Jen & Baggins The best in homemade dog treats for your dog.

    P.S. Oh, I almost forgot, do you want to have more freedom and money in your life? Why not start an online business? If you can send an email attachment, you can do it. Yes, really!

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    Until the next issue of Baggins' Bites! Stay well and happy baking!

    Yours in health and treats,
    Jen & Baggins

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