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Baggins' Bites: Thanks!
January 05, 2010
Dear Dog Lover,

Just a quick note to say Thank You and Happy New Year!

It's a New Year....

A New YearÖ

Wow, 2010 is HERE!


Like many of you, Iím glad to see a new year. Thereís something about a new calendar year that just seems, well, fresh.

I guess thatís why so many people make resolutions to themselves in January. So, hereís to a fresh start!

I would like start the new year by thanking YOU for reading this ezine.

Itís fun to put it together every month and Iím honored to be have a place in your crowded inboxes. I know itís a privilege. So, thank you.

I thank you too for sharing yourselves with me through your kind words.

You all have a lot to contribute to the world and itís wonderful to hear of your experiences with your dogs.

I appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge of ďall things doggieĒ including your experience with canine cancer treatments.

Speaking of which, Baggins continues to show sparkle and joy in life so I take it he feels pretty good.

He is loaded up on herbal supplements!

Iíll continue to share updates on him in the new year and give you the scoop on the herbs and other treatments Iím using to treat his lymphoma.

Thank you and a very Happy New Year to you and your four legged friends. Iím thrilled to have you all in my life!

Happy Baking,
Jen & Baggins The best in homemade dog treats on the web

P.S. Oh, I almost forgotÖ a few weeks ago, some of you were asking about immune boosting supplements for your dogs.

Itís always a good idea to give your dog some extra Vitamin C or blueberries for health. And if you are giving him supplements on a daily basis, it turns out you could be doing more GOOD than you know.

A strong immune system can protect your pet against serious illnesses like Cushingís Disease, thyroid problems and even the dreaded cancer.

Protect my pet's health So, what are you waiting for? Boost your doggieís health and everyoneís happy and isnít that what you really want?

Protect my dog's health

Happy New Year!

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