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Baggins' Bites: Could Your Dog Get the Flu?
January 19, 2010
Dear Dog Lover,

Jen here from and Iím shaking my head over this oneÖ

Ö.Did you know your dog can get the flu?

Now itís not the same flu we get so we canít get our dog sick and vice versa. But the symptoms are the same and itís just as contagious--dog to dog.

Your dog could pick it up through the dog park or kenneling or any other nose to nose doggie contact.

Can you imagine your dog feeling achy and feverish from the flu? Yuck, poor thing.

While the flu isnít dangerous in healthy dogs; just like in people, it can be very serious in older or weakened dogs.

If your dog has had surgery or is sick with another chronic disease, he could be at risk for catching everything going around--including doggie flu.

You can protect your dog by helping him have a strong immune system.

Vitamin C, astralagus root tincture and other supplements will boost your dogís immune system plus have some side benefits. For example, Vitamin C also helps with arthritis.

So, how much vitamin C can you give your dog?

One source says approximately 10 mg/ lb. of Vitamin C is a good dose. But doses that low--30 mg. for a 30 lb. dog--are hard to find at the vitamin store.

Iím giving Baggins way more, 250 mg to help in his fight against cancer. And the vet didnít seem to think that was a problem.

She said the worse side effect would be diarrhea. Heís been on this for a couple of months now with no problems.

You can always check with your vet. Or get a doggie supplement with Vitamin C.

A healthy immune system can do more than protect against canine flue.

It can protect against all kinds of chronic diseases like Cushingís Disease, thyroid conditions and even cancer.

You love your pet, why not try an easy way to boost your doggieís health?

I started Baggins on this supplement a week ago. His arthritis is better and he seems to have more energy

Reader's Write

Reader Peggy wrote in about her beagle.

My dog Buttercup is an overweight beagle. I got her that way from beagle rescue,I love her very much!! The problem is the vet put her on a diet dog food and since then she has had two UTI's. I think that the dog food is the problem. She had no problems before it. What do you think?

Hi Peggy,

I honestly can't say if the UTI's would be caused by the food or not but it wouldn't hurt to change brands of food and see if that helps.

Have you talked your vet about your theory? Meanwhile, you can boost Buttercup's immune system with Vit. C, and herbs like astralagus root tincture (easily available at health food stores)

You can even give her a cranberry supplement!

Make sure she's getting plenty of exercise and you or family members aren't feeding her a lot of high calorie treats!

Good luck with Buttercup, it sounds like she's in good hands!

Here's that link again for the supplement I've started Baggins on. It's full of vitamins to keep your pets healthy

Protect my pet's health

So, what are you waiting for? Boost your doggieís health and everyoneís happy and isnít that what you really want?

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Yours in health and treats,

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