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Baggins' Bites: Thank You So Much!
March 04, 2010
Dear Dog Lover,

You, my wonderful readership have touched moved and inspired me.

Yes, I might be sad and hurting over the missing ball of barking fluff in my life, aka, Baggins but you have gone above and beyond.

I have receive over 300 emails and counting with links to websites and videos, photos and written tributes to your own pups whoíve crossed the Bridge.

Iím reminded once again that we are not alone in this world.

Weíre all connected and most people are really very caring. Especially Bagginsí Bites readers!

Over this last year and half Iíve been continuously amazed at the outpouring of love and sympathy from you. You are amazing! Yes! You! And donít you forget it!

Thank you so much.

Of course Iím still grieving but itís so incredible to know I have so much support from you. I Ďve heard from readers from Malaysia to Australia to England and just down the street here in Pennsylvania.

Itís truly wonderful to know the outreach this site has caused. I just wanted to say ďthanksĒ.

Many of you have asked if Iíll continue with Bagginsí Bites and yes, I will. Iíve just been slightly derailed with my original newsletter content because of recent events. Look for a regular issue later this month.

Iím considering adding a page to the site for tributes to the pets whoíve blessed our lives and now moved on.

Itís clear so many of you have them! Iím just really blown away by your heartfelt emails.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write me. Iím working through my responses and itís taking some time but I intend to answer each and every one so please be patient.

Thank you, Jen

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P.S. If youíre eager to do some baking, hereís a link to the main dog treat recipe page.

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