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Baggins' Bites: I've Been Adopted!
July 27, 2010
Dear Dog Lover,

Some of you have written to ask if I’d “been adopted” yet by another dog since the death of Baggins in February.

Well, I’m excited to announce (drum roll please…) Sammy!

Sammy is a cattle dog mix who was found on the streets in North Carolina.

He reportedly had an “owner” who said she rescued him from an animal shelter. But in reality, he was running along a busy highway and spending his days with the kindly attendant at the town dump.

When you read this, I still won’t have met him. I’ll pick him later this week on my way back to Pennsylvania after visiting with family in SC.

So, I’m excited but a little scared too. Am I ready to welcome a new dog in my life? You can meet Sammy here

Dogs "Marking" in Your House? See Reader Gail's Tip

Hello Jennifer,

I really enjoy your Baggins newsletter.

I would like to share a trick I have created (I may not be the first). I foster for AZ Schnauzer Inc. in Peoria, AZ.

I have 3 male dogs of my own. Every time I take in a new foster they have a peeing contest on my furniture, mostly corners.

This usually last two weeks until they all get use to each other.

This is what I did.

I took a stretchy saran wrap and had my husband hold the starting end. I wrapped the saran wrap around the bottom of my couch, chair and ottoman. The color of my furniture shows through and does not look bad!

When I purchased a [living room]set with micro fiber fabric I was disappointed because I was led to believe the fabric would withstand anything, WRONG.

The pee on the corners from the hiking male dogs actually burned off the texture of the fabric. That is permanent.


I wished I had thought of the saran wrapping before the damage.

Please share this with dog lovers because it can be very helpful for new dogs coming into a home and in cases like mine.


Gail in Arizona
Wow Gail!

That's a great idea. And I think it's quite creative! Good for you for trying something so simple yet effective!

Anyone else have suggestions like Gail's on "handling" issues with your dogs?

You can share them by clicking "reply" and sending it along to me.


It's been a really hot summer here in Pennsylvania. So, I'm including a summer favorite of frozen treats for your dogs.

No cooking!
Recipe for Easy Frozen Doggie Treats

Yours in Treats and Good Health,


In loving memory of Baggins

P.S. I'm really excited about Sammy coming! Right now he's at dog trainer Kirsten Frisch's house in N.C.

He's healing up from his bad case of the fleas and resting.

You can learn more about reading the subtle body language of your dog at her site.

Gentle Canine

P.P.S. And, if you missed our call last week on "why dogs bark and what you can do about it", you can still get the recording!

It was an awesome call. Kirsten sure packs a lot in a short amount of time! Check it out here. The Secrets to Fewer Barks

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