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Baggins' Bites: Are You Misunderstood?
September 28, 2010
Dear Dog Lover,

Do you remember that popular book from a few years back, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus?

If you donít, the gist of it was that men and women have different ways of communicating. And when we donít get along, itís usually as a result of a misunderstanding.

As it turns out, dogs and humans have different ways of communicating too.

Basically, our dogs communicate more with body language than in a verbal language.

Think of your dogís tail.

When your dog wags his tail, heís telling you heís happy. If he puts it between his legs heís scared.

Now, imagine how frustrated youíd be if someone insisted on speaking to you in a language you didnít know and got upset with you when you didnít respond they way they wanted.

Itís kind of like that with your dog.

If you get annoyed or frustrated with your dog for not coming when called or barking all the time or going to the bathroom in the houseóitís because youíre not communicating effectively.

But don't worry, there's help.

Dog expert Kirsten Frisch has put together a mini course on training your dog to come reliably and do other things you want her toóno matter the situation.

Kirsten's trained sled dogs in Alaska, been a vet tech and an animal shelter volunteer.

Plus, she has an armload of professional credentials. You could say she knows a thing or two about dogs :)

Letís Get This on Cue is a crash course that could completely change your relationship with your dog.

Hereís to better communication with your dog,

Jen & Kirsten

P.S., This is a content packed mini course that will last about 1 hour 20 minutes.

Imagine, communicating with your dog in a way he understandsóall because youíve had expert guidance!

Let's Get This On Cue

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