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Baggins' Bites: Calm Your Dog at the Holidays
December 14, 2010
Dear Dog Lover,

Doggie stress is not always as obvious as growling or snarling.

If your dog is going potty in the house or refusing meals, these can be classic stress symptoms too.

Animals pick up on subtle cues and if your routine has changed because you’re extra busy or anxious during the holiday season then they’ll be stressed.

At this time of year you might be preparing your house for houseguests or planning to travel—with or without your dog.

All of it can add up to a Code Red level of anxiety.

So, what can you do to calm your dog and you?

Here are 3 items for anxious dogs:

1—Thundershirt—perfect for dogs afraid of fireworks, thunderstorms and other loud noises this works because it’s triggering acupressure points down your dog’s flank with its gentle, constant pressure.

Just as swaddling an infant calms and relaxes the baby, the Thundershirt can have a dramatic calming effect on your dog. It’s highly recommended by dog trainers and veterinarians.


2—Rescue Remedy—A tried and true homeopathic remedy for anxious or scared pets. Simple to use you just put a few drops in their water or rub on their nose and in a few minutes your dog will be calmer.

Rescue Remedy Pet - 10 ml - Liquid

3--Belly bands – ok, more for you than your dog.

For doggies who get potty in the house from fear or anxiety—they strap around your dog and collect the urine—when soiled, you can just throw them in the washer.

They protect your rugs and furniture and your back since you don’t have to clean up after them when they “forget”.

Belly Bands for Male Dogs with Incontinence Problems - Print

Reader's Write: This Month -- a Travel Tip

Anne from shared this tip she used to keep her new puppy calm and happy on a long flight. And she gave me permission to pass it on to you.

Do any of you have tips on traveling with your pets you’d like to share? If so, you can hit “reply” and let me know!

Thanks Anne!

I took a jar of baby food chicken on the plane with me when Milo was 8 weeks old because":

1) it was only $.50 a jar
2) it was sealed so I could put it in his carry on
3) he cried on cue every 1 hr & 45 min for food so I had to have something for him so he wouldn't bother the other passengers
4) I didn't have to reconstitute it and it was ready to eat
5) it was convenient
6) it was cooked mashed chicken without any preservatives or additives
7) not knowing him very well I wasn't sure how he'd respond to new food so it was easy on his belly
8) I didn't have access to other diets.

I fed it to him by hand in an opening in his carry on and he settled down really quick.

Yes, please share with your readers, it was pretty easy to travel with him with the baby food as a baby. Of course now I take freeze dried when I travel.

Cheers, Anne

And the Winner Is....

For everyone who joined in the photo contest over on the Facebook page--Thanks! Loreen Wilson's "Kelly Girl" was the winner. You can see her there. Facebook Fan Page

Gingerbread Dog Treats

A bit of a switch on the "cookie swap"...and fun to do with little ones.

Gingerbread Dog Treats

Why not share your dog pics with other dog lovers?

Share Your Dog Pictures

Have a wonderful holiday :)

Yours in Treats and Health,

Jen & Sammy the best in dog treat recipes online

P.S. Disclosure, if you order anything through my Amazon links I'll receive a small commission. Of course, I only recommend things I believe in. Thanks!

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