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Baggins' Bites: Poisoned Dog Toys?
February 28, 2011
Dear Dog Lover,

A recent discovery shocked reader Judy Hansel and she wrote me about it. It could definitely affect your pets so I asked her if she would mind if I shared it with you all.

So, courtesy of Judy, here we go:

I just wanted to tell you what I found out. I went to buy Bonnie a special toy. I started looking and found one I liked. Picked it up and for some reason smelled it.

The chemical smell was AWFUL and got on my hand.

I asked the manager and he told me that the pet toys shipped in from other countries were in boxes in holds of ships and that they had to spray the area with sprays to keep rats and insects out of the boxes! Also, some of the material used to make the toys is dyed with chemicals. So, he told me to choose wisely!

Now, I make Bonnie's toys. I certainly will not take a chance of her putting something in her mouth that is contaminated."

She added that it was a major pet store. So, be aware! Thanks for sharing Judy!

Obviously, none of us want to give our pets toys that may have been exposed to rat poison or other toxic chemicals. So, do be careful.

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I made another video earlier in the week too. Im making oatmeal dog treats. Enjoy! Click here to watch video

Yours in Treats and Health,

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