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Baggins' Bites: Why Dogs Love Shrimp Tails
March 15, 2011
Dear Dog Lover,

Jen here from and I'm shaking my head over this one...

Sammy loves shrimp tails.

I'm sure he'd love the shrimp too but usually I eat those first. :) It's gotten to be a bit of a joke at my house, when M. wants Sammy to follow him, he'll say something like, "Come on Sammy, shrimp tail." I even found myself saying it last week.

I'm not sure how it happened that I started giving my dog leftover shrimp tails.

I think it started with Baggins who got one once when I left a plate within his reach. He seemed so joyful over the experience that I gave him another.

If you're wondering about the safety of shrimp tails, they're fine. Have you ever eaten shrimp in the shell at home or a restaurant? If so, you might have eaten a bit of shell with your shrimp. I know I have.

I'm not advocating a steady diet of them. But 2-3 tails in an evening will probably have your dog doing a happy dance.

Shrimp shells have calcium which everyone needs. And, according to Science Daily, eating shrimp shells could even lower cholesterol. I don't think Sammy has a problem with his cholesterol but hey, it can't hurt.

Plus, it turns out, grilled shrimp shells are a delicacy in Japan. So there you are.

As to why dogs love them? I guess they taste "shrimpy" and frankly, most dogs don't discriminate when it comes to food.

In case you're looking for a more substantial meal for your pet, you might want to check out my web page with a meatloaf recipe. It's freezes well and you can make a big batch for several meals.

Meatloaf for dogs

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Yours in Treats and Health,

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