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Baggins' Bites: Annual Vaccines—A Ticket to Cancer?
May 31, 2011
Dear Dog Lover,

Cancer affects 1 in 3 dogs. I know many of you have suffered losing your dog this way as I have and it goes without saying it’s heartbreaking.

Truthfully, I have a hard time writing about it because it brings up memories of my Eskie Baggins and I find myself typing with tears streaming down my face.

But, in recognition of Canine Cancer Month, I feel compelled to offer you a tip that veterinarians say may help prevent this dreadful disease.

Did you know the number one thing you can do to prevent cancer is to make sure your dog has a healthy immune system?

That may sound obvious.

But, the truth is, “establishment” vet care and the decades old pet food industry have contributed mightly to the onslaught of serious illnesses like cancer in our beloved pets.

This may sound extreme.

I’m certainly not bashing veterinarians –they are a dedicated bunch of animal lovers like you and I. But some of the practices we’ve all taken for granted – like annual vaccines – may be a possible link to canine cancer.

Some vets have already adopted a "less is more" vaccine policy. It was through taking Baggins to a new vet that I first learned annual vaccines didn't need to be annual.

A Shock to the System

Newer research says your animals may only need “annual shots” every 3 years--if that.

In fact, ongoing research is exploring the possibility that your pet is protected for life once he’s gotten his puppy shots.

The reason over vaccinating can be a problem is because vaccines shock your pet’s immune system and cause it to be out of whack. This can lead to skin allergies, arthritis, leukemia and maybe even cancer.

Yes, I know some states require annual vaccinations but if you have a choice, please educate yourself on the needed vaccines and download Dr. Jones’ free report here to learn the answers to:

--What 2 vaccines must your puppy get? And which one might you be able to go without?

--What are your alternatives?

Vaccines are certainly something not to be taken lightly, so educate yourself and discuss it with your veterinarian.

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Yours in Treats and Health,

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