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Baggins' Bites: The Secret to Long Lasting Treats
June 21, 2011
Dear Dog Lover,

The answer to my most frequently asked question "How do I make the treats have a longer shelf life" came via two readers named Linda.

The secret to long lasting treats is a food dehydrator.

Readers Linda Zubel and Linda Baar each sent emails saying the secret to long lasting treats is dehydration. I’ll let them tell explain it in their own words.

Linda Zubel writes:

"I am a semi-retired Pastry Chef and I have a secondary pet business:

Zack n Boo's Kitchen Gourmet Pet Treats

None of my treats contain preservatives; dehydration (removal of moisture) is the only type of "preservative" I use.

After they are baked, I find that freezing them will significantly extend their shelf life and has no detrimental effect on the finished product.

And some of mine contain perishable proteins, like fresh liver, canned tuna & salmon, etc. I can feed them to my pets either frozen or thawed (mine are small, training-sized treats, not the bigger muffins, bones, biscuits, etc...)

Hope that helps.

Linda Zubel, owner &

Dog lover Linda Baar agrees:

“Jen, addressing the shelf life of home made treats: I've found that baking them @ 350 for 4min on the bottom shelf and 4 min on the top shelf then put them in my food dehydrator over night and they last a long time!

Also I throw them bagged (about 36 small bones each) in the freezer till needed, I've had them in bags at room temp for several weeks without getting mold or anything. It even works with Yam/mozzarella, Peanut Butter/Bananna, Yam/Salmon, Apple/Yam etc. The trick I believe is the dehydrator removes all the moisture that's where the problems seem to start, as has been my experience.

Hope this may help someone...

Have a BLESSED day!

Linda Baar, Prescious & Kely”

So, there you have it! For long lasting treats, dehydrate them

Thanks so much to Linda and Linda for sharing their experiences.

Yours in Treats and Health,

Jen & Sammy the best in dog treat recipes

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