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Recipe for Tasty Dog Treats and much more Baggins' Bites Newsletter
February 13, 2007
Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

February í07
Welcome to Bagginsí Bites the fr*e monthly ezine that features pet tips, dog treat recipes and much more.

Happy Valentine's Day!

I have some exciting things in the ezine this month and Iím experimenting with the format, so please, let me know if the links donít work.

Celebrate Pet Dental Care Month

I. Keeping Your Dog's Mouth Healthy Can Keep Your Dog's Body Healthy Dog Dental Care

Do You Know What Your Dog Has to Say?

Animal Communicator Danika Nadzen Comes to Philadelphia

Learn to Communicate with Animals!

Danika Nadzan,author of How To Be A Dog Psychic will help you to communicate with your dog and other pets in a fun 2 hour workshop held in Philadelphia on March 4, 2007.

Over the years, Danika has done numerous consultations for concerned pet lovers.

She is often able to discern hidden physical issues, and her information has helped to save the lives of a number of seriously ill companion animals.

While researching her book, she added an interest in the behavioral psychology of animals.

She found from her consultations that many behavior problems are triggered by human misunderstanding of the natural psychology and behavior of their pets.

I have to say, I've been enjoying her book, especially her "case studies" very much. It's amazing what our animals think. Learn to Communicate with Animals


Apple Cinnamon "Pupcakes"

Not only is this apple cinnamon dog treat warm and toasty in the winter, but it also makes a nice Valentine's Treat!

Apple Cinnamon Pupcakes

More All-Natural Dog Treat Recipes

Until next time, Yours in treats

Jennifer and Baggins Your stop for all-natural-dog-treat recipes and tips on improving your dog's health and happiness all naturally.

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