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Keep Your Pet's Paws Safe in the Winter , Plus! How to Help NOLA Pets..., Baggins' Bites Newsletter
January 16, 2006
Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

Happy New Year! Welcome to Baggins’ Bites the fr*e monthly ezine that features pet tips, occasional recipes and much more. January 2006 Edition

I have big plans for the website/business this year and hope you’ll enjoy the changes. As always, I’d love to hear from you on your most burning pet related questions, comments and whatever else is on your mind. You may end up in a future issue of Baggins’ Bites!

In this month’s issue:

  • Protecting Your Pet’s Paws in the Cold Winter Months
  • Diamond Food Recall
  • How You Can Treat Your Pet While Helping the Animals of New Orleans
  • Contest! Free Bag of Baggins’ Best Biscuits to the first correct respondent of the following question.
  • How many animals did the Louisiana SPCA help to rescue in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? (You must include your mailing address with your response in order to receive the treats!)

    Winter Paws and Your Pet

    Last year, Baggins and I came in from a winter walk where there was plenty of ice and snow in our path. When we came in, I sat on the floor to wipe his paws so they wouldn’t be irritated by ice, salt and other winter grime.

    I had no idea there were so many nooks and crannies in a dog’s paw! I kept pulling out chunks of ice and salt. Now, I make sure to give his paws extra treatment in the winter.

    Plain old Vaseline will do wonders to protect your dog’s paws from the winter elements by moisturizing them and helping to heal the paw pads if they’re prone to cracks. Rub it into the paw pads before a walk and wipe the paws dry afterwards (You don’t want your pet licking the Vaseline to much. Plus, wiping them clean helps to clean off the salt, snow and ice.)

    Clumps of ice mixed with salt and chemical de-icers can get lodged in your pet’s paws. If not removed, your dog is likely to lick at it and try to dislodge it himself. Otherwise, it can make walking painful or annoying (kind of like having a rock in your shoe). So, help your pet out and wipe those paws.

    Alternatives to Chemical De-icers: Sand or Kitty Litter works for traction and there are products available at the pet stores that are de-icers safe for pets.

    In addition to the Vaseline, there are other products to moisturize and protect animal’s paws, a popular one is musher’s secret.

    Musher’s Secret is known as the “invisible boot” because it creates an invisible barrier on the pet’s paw.
    It’s an organic, wax-type of cream to protect the paw pads. Protects against cold and heat! It's non-allergenic and non-toxic.

    You can find out more by cutting and pasting this link into your browser.

    You can use to see other pet care products.

    For the really sensitive dogs there are boots! There are as many kinds of boots available for dogs as for people.

    Diamond Pet Food Recall If you’ve missed the information about the dreadful food poisoning that has killed over 70 dogs, here’s a link to the Diamond Food Recall and the affected states. (Cut and paste into your browser)

    Announcing, Baggins’ Best Biscuits Launches Effort to Help the Pets of New Orleans
    Or, Tails Wag When New Orleans is On Your Mind

    How can you help NOLA pets and treat your own dog at the same time?

    Break out the feathers and masks, it’s carnival time and despite the hurricanes of last summer, New Orleans has launched the 150th Mardi Gras season.

    As a former resident of that great city, I can understand the need for a Mardi Gras like no other time, yet the basic needs are still very real on the Gulf Coast. The Louisiana-SPCA lost their building and are operating out of temporary quarters now and is approximately half-staffed. Though the animals were evacuated during Katrina, the offices and shelter was lost.

    So, in honor of New Orleans and the very real needs in the pet community there, I’m pleased to announce the launch of Baggins’ Mardi Gras Biscuits, so new, they aren’t even pictured on the website yet!

    But you can order them here

    These treats are apple cinnamon flavored and shaped like a trumpet (for the music) a crown (for king of carnival) and a fleur de lis, (for the French heritage). The treats are $8 for a 7 oz. bag and $2 of every bag sold will be donated to the Louisiana-SPCA to help them help the animals of New Orleans.

    The LA-SPCA rescued over eight thousand pets in the days immediately following Hurricane Katrina. Help them to continue to help the animals by ordering some today!

    Just use this link to go straight to the ordering page.

    Because it’s not just a party ya’ll!

    Hope you enjoyed this issue of Baggins’ Bites. Pass it on to a friend!

    Have a great month and give your dog lots of love!

    Best, Jennifer

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