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Recipe for Tasty Dog Treats and much more Baggins' Bites Newsletter
April 18, 2006
Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

April ’06 Welcome to Baggins’ Bites the fr*e monthly ezine that features pet tips, occasional recipes and much more. April 2006 Edition

I hope you’ve been enjoying the warmer spring weather. I’m excited to see flowers blooming and the warming sun!

In this month’s issue:
·Help Your Pet Adjust to a New Location
·Recipe: Bran Barkcakes
·New Pet Gadget--Quick Finder
·Contest! A Free Sample of Botanical Dog Grooming Product to the First Person Who Responds With a Story About Their Experiences Moving With Their Dog.

I. Adjusting to a New Space
We just moved and Baggins has been getting used to the new space.

Do you have questions or (ideas) on orienting your pet to a new location? Head on over to moving with my dog for tips for making the adjustment easier, and also, how Baggins is getting on in the new digs! And if you have suggestions or stories to share, just email me at


Bran Barkcakes

2 cups Whole Wheat Flour
¼ cup Wheat Bran
¼ cup Rice Flour
¼ cup Wheat Germ
¼ cup Milk
1 Egg beaten
¼ Beef broth (homemade or low sodium)
1 tbsp. Molasses
¼ cup Grated Carrots
1 Tbs. Veg. Oil

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Combine the dry ingredients with a fork. Mix wet ingredients separately in a large bowl. Slowly add dry ingredients to wet, mixing well.
Add the vegetable oil. Sprinkle flour on rolling surface, coat hands with flour and roll out dough to ¼” thickness. Add flour as necessary to keep from sticking. Cut into your favorite shapes and bake for 15-20 minutes. Cool. Store in freezer, bring to room temperature before feeding.

Makes 1-2 dozen, depending on size

For more recipes: visit more dog treat recipes

III.New Pet Gadgets
Last month I told you about the pet cell phone that is coming out, it features a GPS tracking system so your lost pet can be found. A little silly seeming, but I guess useful with the GPS system, though at around $300 it’s a little pricey. The microchip is much cheaper and very effective. Did you know that over half the pets with the embedded microchip are found and returned to their owners?

This month I found out about:

Quick Finder: A high-tech nail clipper detects the quick (blood vessel) in your cat or dog's nail. No more guessing how much you should trim. A red light on the handle warns you not to cut, a green light gives you the OK.

That’s a must have!

Contest! A F*ree sample of a Botanical Dog Grooming Product to the 1st person who responds with a story about their experiences moving with their dog. Hurry!

Until next time, enjoy your dog(s) and feed 'em great treats! Jennifer and Baggins

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