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Recipe for Tasty Dog Treats and much more Baggins' Bites Newsletter
May 14, 2006
Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

May ’06 Welcome to Baggins’ Bites the fr*e monthly ezine that features pet tips, occasional recipes and much more. May 2006 Edition

In this month’s issue:
·Arthritis Getting Your Dog Down?
·Recipe: Carob Dipping Sauce for Bones and More
·Update on the Move
·Link to Article on Arthritis from Only Natural Pet

I. Arthritis in your Dog?
I took Baggins to a new groomer this week—he’s finally clean again!—and she pointed out his shaky back leg. I’ve noticed the shaky back leg too but hadn’t really “processed” it as being a potential problem. When I asked her what she thought could be the cause, she said she thought it could be the onset of early arthritis. So now, of course, I’m all wound up about this and am exploring arthritis in dogs.

What I’ve found so far is that arthritis in really just a term for unusual changes in a joint. It can be caused by joint tissue destruction from an infection or from stress and trauma on a particular body part. I know it’s common in a lot of large breed dogs but at 30 lbs. Baggins doesn’t qualify as a large breed. So, I’ll be exploring more about doggie arthritis and let you know what I find out. And, I’ll ask the vet at his next appointment.

Have you had experience with arthritis in your dog? Drop me a line and let me know of your experience.

II: Recipe:
Ever wondered how the dog bakeries get the “dipped” look of chocolate or vanilla on a fancy dog treat? Here’s a recipe for a dipping sauce made with carob chips that you can make to ratchet up the taste and look of some basic dog bones—ones you make or ones you buy.

3 Cups Carob Chips
1 Tsp. Vegetable Oil
1 Tsp. Turmeric or cinnamon

Melt the chips in a double boiler or the microwave. Add the oil and seasonings. Dip the tips of the treats, let dry on wax paper until set.
Yum! They’ll look like fancy dog bakery treats. They’re great for gifts or just to excite your own pups.

For more recipes: visit more dog treat recipes

III. Update of move:
Baggins loves the social atmosphere of the city though he does seem to go through times of extra “barkiness”, both on the street and at home. Hopefully, this will subside with time.

IV. If you want to learn more about natural ways to help your pets with arthritis, you may want to check out this article from Only Natural Pet. You can see it here

Until next time, enjoy your dog(s) and feed 'em great treats! Jennifer and Baggins

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