From Dog Treat Baker to Dog Treat Webmaster

Eskie Baggins

In May 2005 Baggins and I lived in quaint Doylestown, PA.

We lived with my then-husband in a 2nd floor apartment of a large white Victorian house.

He and I both worked in museums--he giving tours at the NJ Statehouse and I worked at a small historic house museum just outside of Philadelphia.

Museum work doesn't pay well and jobs are hard to find.

There had to be a better way!

I wanted to start a part time business I could grow that would supplement my unfortunate museum reality salary and maybe one day allow me more freedom. (My deep, dark secret is I really wanted to be self-employed ;)

So I took a look around.

I had a really cute dog ;) I liked to cook and I had an interest in nutrition so I started baking dog treats for Baggins and our neighbors.


The response was exciting. The dogs gobbled down the treats (no surprise there) and the people raved about them. I had it in my head to start a website about dogs but didn't really know how to go about doing that.

Instead, I started selling dog treats at the Saturday morning Farmer's Market in Doylestown, PA.

And when some acquaintances who ran a pet shop said they liked them and wanted to sell them, I decided to go for it.

But as the market season wound down, I wanted to spend less time baking dozens of treats at night after work.

So Tired

After all, baking every night after my full-time job until 9 or 10:00 was tough.

And then I had to get up at 6:00 a.m. on Saturdays to be at the Farmer's Market until noon. (I hate getting up early!)

All that work for a profit of maybe $50 dollars--on a good day. This was too time intensive!

I thought about building a website. But it seemed difficult.

Build a website? Me? As my then-husband said, "You could barely turn on a computer when I met you." And he was sort of right.

I was not exactly embracing the computer age.

But I thought I could share my love of dogs with other dog lovers through the Internet and build it into a business of some kind.

How I didn't know.

There were all those Get Rich Quick things everywhere online and that didn't seem right to me.

Plus, what did I know about building a website? I had just learned how to send email attachments!

Things Start to Click!

Then I discovered Site Build It! Hmmm...this was interesting.

It made sense. I researched it for days. 2 or 3 weeks actually.

The website said it helps you turn your hobby, passion, interests into a business. That sounded good to me. I had a hobby that I wanted to turn into a business.

Reading the story of a guy named Elad was a big part of why I decided to take a chance on SBI.

He and his sister make a good living with a site about planning children's birthday parties! Check it out here.

But it seemed like a lot of money to me. That's before I knew anything about running a business online ;)

Now I know the truth! Solo Build It (SBI) is one of the Internet's biggest bargains!

You don't need a product and you don't even need to know much about the computer. There's a manual and videos (the Action Guide) that walks you through EVERY part of building a successful site.

All of the "techie" stuff is automated for you.

And whether you want to just share information or sell a product, they'll show you how.

SBI is designed for those who've never built a website and need some guidance. Even more experienced "techie types" find it useful.

It's fun and simple to build a website about something you love.

I was so thrilled to see visitors coming to my site and hearing from them when they write to thank me for sharing these dog treat recipes.

And it's the most exciting thing in the world to make money doing this!

Now it's 2010.

I get 800-1200 visitors a day and growing. My family is amazed that my "little" website gets so many visitors.

I have created a supplemental income through my love for dogs and their people. I've seen the proof in my site and others.

And there's a sense of accomplishment knowing I did this! It's so gratifying to know people enjoy visiting my website. They write me thank you emails and share their stories and dogs with me. I truly needed this.

You can do it too!

If you're looking to make some extra money (and who isn't?) skip to the head of the class and check out Solo Build It today.

Quit fumbling around in the dark and discover the simple solution to let you make money from home.

Why not take a look at this video that walks you through the process?

Happy baking!

Jen & Baggins (and now Sammy!)