After trying everything else, this worked

by Teresa L
(Plainwell, MI)

Hi, We had not only 1 but 2 dogs that had danced with a skunk. We have a doggie door and they came right in the house and wiped themselves on the carpet, brand new easy chairs, couch, and matress. There was no way we could afford to replace them so we started trying everything. I searched the internet and found this recipe:

1/2 Cup baking soda
1 quart hydrogen pyroxide
1tsp of dawn dish soap or 1 table spoon hand soap.
we went with the odor eraser type of dawn dish soap.

I couldn't believe it. I had to smell the places hit because there was so many of them that I needed to break down where the smell had attached itself to. I started on the foot of an easy chair which smelled so bad I could get my nose near it.

I started there. After washing that, I put my nose to it to see how bad the smell was, I couldn't smell it any more. I put my nose right on the spot that was rubbed on, and the smell was gone. We went right away to washing the dogs (being very careful of their face) once again, the direct hit, gone enough for me to put my nose right on the dog.

After a skunk hit you cannot get the smell out of the air, but if you get it off of everything else, the air cleans up so much faster and can be masked with oust or febreze. The next time it happened, we ran straight to the medicine and spice cabinets, I never let my supply of baking soda and hydrogen pyroxide drop under 2 of each.

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