Arthritis Treatment for Dogs

1 in 5 dogs suffer from arthritis. But what arthritis treatment for dogs is right for your dog?

A combination of supplements and therapies should ease much of the pain from the inflamed joints and may make it disappear entirely. Read on for more on arthritis treatments for dogs.

Glucosamine Chrondroitin

One of the most popular supplements to give dogs suffering from arthritis is Glucosamine Chrondroitin. Widely available in pill form for dogs and humans it also helps to rebuild bone cartilage.

The Glucosomine Chrondroitin will take a month or so to start showing any improvement in your dog.

If your dog is pre-disposed to arthritis or hip displaysia--it’s hereditary--some vets think you should start it when the dogs are young before they’re showing any symptoms as a preventive measure.

You can also get treats and food that incorporates Glucosomine Chrondrotin. Nutro makes a senior formula using this and foods like this can be a good start in treating arthritis in your dog.

Syn-Flex is a liquid Glucosomine arthritic remedy for dogs (and humans). The liquid is thought to absorb better than the pills. You can mist it on your pet’s food or into their mouths. Some dogs will even lick their daily dose straight out of a saucer.

Vitamic C or Ester C can also provide some pain relief. I sprinkle a little ground up Vitamin C on my dog’s food daily. Plus, it’s an immune booster. Solid Gold Scorbate Vitamin C Powder

Weight Loss

One natural arthritis treatment for dogs that is often overlooked is weight loss.

The extra weight will cause more pressure on his already inflamed joints causing more pain. How can you tell he's the right weight for his size?

Put your hands on either side of him.

  • Can you easily feel his ribs?
  • If you look at him from above, can you see his waist?
  • There should be an indentation. If he has no “waist”, then he needs to lose a little.


    In addition to the Glusomine arthritis treatment, or if you don’t see improvement, there are other arthritis treatments for dogs available.

  • Water Therapy –find a pool where your pet can swim regularly as swimming takes the pressure off the joints

  • Physical Therapy—Many veterinarian practices can recommend a physical therapist for your pet. This person will use a combination of massage and movement to help ease the pain.
  • Acupuncture—Many pet owners report their dogs are thrilled after an acupuncture treatment. The acupuncturist administers the tiny needles into key locations on the body and this helps to release the pain. One dog owner said her dog looks blissed out after an acupuncture treatment. Don’t worry, as a person who uses acupuncture herself, the needles don’t hurt.
  • Chiropractic--Quick and painless, Baggins has benefited tremendously from just three treatments.


    Feed a natural diet. Raw or home cooked food without additives will be highly beneficial to your pet and many pet owners have seen the arthritis virtually disappear once they make this change.

    Diet change is often mentioned as a terrific arthritis treatment for dogs and can even help to heal the joints.

    Prescription Meds

    DuraMax—not approved for long-time use
    Rimadyl is another prescription available for dogs. While I hear it's helped many dogs, it made mine quite sick.

    These are just a few of the prescription meds available as an arthritis treatment for dogs. The side effects include upset stomach and severe diarrhea. I would consider these as a last resort. Many dogs have died from using these and other medications.


    Surgery helps many severe cases.

    These are some of the most widely available arthritis treatment for dogs.

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