Finding the Right Arthritis Treatment for
Your Dog Will End His Pain

The right arthritis treatment for your dog will help to relieve the discomfort of painful swollen joints.

It will also relieve pain associated with the loss of joint-supporting cartilage that allows the bones to rub together(ouch!).

Bones that have lost their cartilage

There are Lots of Arthritic Remedies

But which one is right for your pet?

Natural remedies, physical therapy, surgery and prescription meds all have their purposes and different pets have different needs.

You may need a combination of these or just one.

One of the most popular natural remedies is Glucosomine-Chrondrotin New evidence suggests that not only can it help relieve the pain but it may also help to rebuild cartilage. Although these studies are in their infancy, side effects haven’t been found yet in most otherwise healthy dogs.

But don't give glucosomine to a diabetic dog!

Baggins is nearly 9 years old My dog developed arthritis recently and has had it for about a year.

After a scary bout with Rimadyl, (in which he became very sick), I flushed the rest down the toilet and went back to natural remedies.

I feed Baggins a Glucosomine-Chrondrotin tablet and Salmon Oil daily and supplement that with a little massage. The massage seems to be the most helpful treatment and for best results, it should be done daily.

How Do You Massage Your Dog? Just get into a comfortable position with her and start petting her. You want to get your dog relaxed.

After a few minutes you can start adding a little more pressure to your stroke and add in gentle circular movements with your fingers. Pay particular attention to the joints and use gentle, small circular movements. If you do this regularly, your dog will get used to the movements and relax or even sleep as you do this. You should also notice an increase in mobility in your pet after a few treatments.


I do think the supplements help too. They can certainly slow the progression of the disease and have added health benefits.

In addition to the Glucosomine-Chrondrotin and Salmon Oil You might want to try an arthritis specific solution such as

Doc Ackerman's Herbal Arthritis & Rheumatism Formula This herbal remedy helps reduce soreness in the joints. It contains Boswellin, CatClaw, Cayenne Pepper, Celery Seed, Devil's Claw Root, Feverfew, Glucosamine, Sea Cucumber, Yucca Root and Soy Powder. It comes in powder form so you can mix with food or water.

There's no need for your dog to suffer. Experiment with different arthritis treatment for your dog until you find one that works!

Arthritis Treatment for Your Dog