Bella B. Akita/Shephard_Blondie

by Vampi...

Bella B.2007

Bella B.2007

Ms. Bella B.

I must say this dog is special...She's a person to us...we make fun of her all the time, and she pretty much sits in for all of our comments...
From the backside, she looks like a blond BATMAN costume..Big ole' head, and nosy too...I have never met such a loving dog...she's quiet, and HUGE!
She's so friendly to people and pets...She's an indoor dog and everyone falls in love with her...I just had to brag...cuz for such a hybrid breed...She came out like a true blonde all the way! As seasons change, so does her in the sun this blonde has an amazing orange brightness to her coat as she sheds and gets babied brushed...Her hair is always soft and feels like a rug you'd wanna keep for life!
This dog has brought such happiness to our world...I think everyone needs a pet...It changed a lot in my a person....
I love my Bella B. She's got attitude too..and she loves the groomers when we get her nails done and her hair did...She actually starts sitting dainty after the whole session too...and makes sure her inner coat is white at all times for our guests... :)
She's truly amazing...some times we have to remind her she's not a little pupp...She gets so deep into your eyes she makes herself fit on your lap when you baby her...never seen nothing like it...A loving beast! She's so big I use her as a guinea pig for my massage therapy sessions...she's like a person...they stretch and crack their backs too! Lmao! Everytime she stretches or yawns she makes this little growling wolf sound...It's amazing what we take for granted...They are lives too....

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