Big Dog Collars Fit Your Big Dog

Great Dane

Big dogs need big dog collars.

The right collar will let you manage your big dog with aplomb and efficiency. (It’ll also protect your shoulder socket should Max decide to charge!).

Plus big dogs need big collars!

You wouldn’t put a tiny bow studded dog collar on an Irish Wolfhound without it looking pretty silly! (OK, so some would, just make sure it’s large enough to go around her neck…)

Big dogs can be tough on collars so it’s important to find strong materials that can stand up to the strength of a Brutus.

A lot of large dogs are “gentle giants” but they’re stronger than either of you may realize and it may not take much for them to “break on through” if they get excited on a walk.

Check the seams and hardware on your pet’s collar periodically and make sure they’re sturdy.

Big Dogs on a Walk

Of course, training your dog to walk on a leash no matter his or her size is the most important part of a dog walk.

The Right Dog Collar

Having the right dog collar can make this training infinitely easier! One popular choice is the Martingale style dog collar.

This collar tightens if your dog tries to slip backward out of it. They’re escape proof!

Martingale style collars offer the control of a choke collar with the adjustability and ease of a buckle collar.

And they’re popular with many dog trainers because they don’t “grip” the neck like a prong or choke collar.

Why Not a Choke Collar?

In fact, today’s trainers recommend not using the prong collars because of two reasons:
  • they strengthen the neck muscles a lot!

  • they give your pet negative reinforcement instead of positive.

  • How Do You Fit Your Dog for a Collar?

    The simplest way is measure your pet’s neck using a tape measure. Then you can go to the pet store or order online knowing the right size. Don’t measure an old collar. A worn collar may have stretched and no longer be a standard size.

    When you put your dog’s collar on, make sure it’s not to tight or to loose. If you can put two fingers between the collar and your pet’s neck, that’s the right size.

    A dog harness can also be really useful for controlling your big dog. Let’s face it, they’re powerful and if you’re a small woman like me, the bigger breeds can outweigh you!

    It’s important to get the right kind of big dog collars for your big dog! You can check out a regular pet store or visit a website for a custom designed collar. There are so many choices you’re bound to find something you’re happy with!
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