A Bucks County Pa Dog Fest Was Fun For All

Now I love a good dog festival and one in my backyard was too good an opportunity to miss.

bucks county pa dog fest So, last weekend, I loaded up Sammy and went to a Bucks County, Pa dog fest, Dog Daddy Fest.

Rescue dog Sammy is coming out of his shell.

Instead of sticking by me like he did on our beach trips this summer, he wanted to meet the other dogs.

I listened to a veterinarian Dr. Deva Khalsa talk about the problems with dog food and how it relates to the rise in dog cancer.

Dr. Khalsa advocated kale for dogs as it's a great cleanser.

Kale cleans out all the toxins in you or your dog's body. (I just wish I liked the taste better ;)) But whether you like eating it yourself or not, you can offer some to your dog.

How? Just steam or sautee the kale, chop it up and add it to your pet's food. If you add a little olive oil too you've increased the vitamins and omega 3's of your pet's dinner through the roof.

About those dancing dogs? They were well trained and performed a dance number with their owners/trainers. Unfortunately, the pictures didn't come out of those :(

Afterwards, we went hiking in Ralph Stover State Park and stopped by Manoff Market Gardens to get apples and pumpkins.

Sammy was wiped out after all the fun at this Bucks County, PA dog fest.
cattle dog mix Sammy sleeps on a pumpkin