Buddy (spaniel cross)

by Brenda Collins
(Nanaimo BC Canada)

Buddy from the Barrio (a guardian angel)

Buddy from the Barrio (a guardian angel)

Buddy is from the streets of Costa Rica.

We were living there at the time and running our own bar and restaurant. He just showed up one day hungry and looking for someone to adopt. He was so skinny and had hardly any hair but still cute as a bug.

We had just lost my other little dog Tex,a Jack Russell/Poodle cross that we had brought to Costa Rica with us. He had been poisoned just 2 days before and my husband and I were devastated. When this sweet little homeless waif showed up ready to rescue our hearts we were not ready for a replacemnet of Tex. But Buddy was very persistent.

We of course started to feed the poor hungry little soul but when we left to go home every night we left him there at the bar because like I said we were just not ready for another dog as we were so heart broken.

Well every morning we went back to the bar to open, well guess what Lil' Buddy was there waiting for us. About a week went by and one night when we drove off he chased our car. Well that's it says my husband, he is coming home with us. He hopped in the car so fast and immediately layed down. He was ours and we were his. Took him home, bathed him and took him to the vet and got him all checked out and vaccinated and nutered. He used to hate riding in the car when we first brought him home but now he loves it. He was approximately one year old then.

Well when we sold our bar and decided to come back home to Canada a year later we of course brought Buddy with us. We bought him a crate and had his passport/health certificate all in place. The moment we put him in his travel crate he just layed down and went to sleep and 12 hours later we arrived in Canada.

We had a special blanket made for him as we returned in winter and we were concerned about him getting cold. He looked like a little sausage roll all bundled up in his blanky. He
was so happy to wear it.

Buddy saved our hearts. He has always been the best behaved dog we have ever had. Training him for anything has been such a pleasant and easy experience. All he wants to do is please us and he is the best darn snuggle bug I have ever met.It was so easy naming him because right from the start he was such a "buddy" and he loves people and other animals, especially our cat who he mothered when she was a kitten.

We call him Buddy from the Barrio because "barrio" is what they call the streets where he is from in Cost Rica.

We have a 9 month old female rottweiler now and Buddy is the boss of her and has showed her the ropes right from the beginning. I believe Buddy is my guardian angel. He helped us out through a really tough time and we love him so much and our life is so much richer and complete since he adopted us back in 2005 in Costa Rica.

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Jul 03, 2008
how sweet
by: Anonymous

what a little cutie

Jun 28, 2008
such a touching story
by: John

Love your story and Buddy. What a lucky dog and it sounds like you lucked out as well.

Jun 28, 2008
I love it!
by: Jen

I love this story! Buddy looks like such a sweetie and I'm so glad he found you and a loving home.

Thanks so much for sharing with us! Such a heartfelt story makes my day and I'm sure many others'.

Thanks again,
Jen & Baggins

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