Calah Yellow Lab

by Brenda Roy
(Winslow, Maine)

Fall in Maine with my Sweet Calah

Fall in Maine with my Sweet Calah

Calah is my sweet, sweet girl. Aside from her brother (not blood related) she is the best and brightest dog I've ever had the priviledge to own.

She makes me laugh because even at age 11, being a diabetic and insulin dependant, she still jumps around and gets totally excited when she knows it's time for our walk.

She's so smart that when I get the camera out to snap some shots she almost always refuses to look my way and turns her head in the opposite direction. It also makes me smile when she lays on her bed with her front feet crossed as if she is praying. Her extreme intelligence and zest for life, even at her age gives me a reason to smile and laugh every single day I am blessed to have her in my life. I honestly believe I am a better person having her as a soul mate/companion.

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