Not Just for Pets, Evanger's Canned Food is Fit for Humans

Holly Sher is passionate about Evanger's canned food.

President of the last family owned cannery in America, Holly Sher is a fast-talking, hard-working, impassioned Mid-Westerner who brings a sense of urgency to her mission.

That mission is to provide good nutrition for your pets.Holly says, “it’s all about our dogs….You need to exercise your dog and feed it good nutrition just like a kid.” That’s why we only use fresh meat, fresh fruit and vegetables.

She takes the fresh food and “cooks” it in the can. Then it’s sterilized, sealed, has the wrappers applied and is sent to the stores.

Of course they make dry food too but we talked canned food in this interview as that’s clearly where Holly’s passion lies.

It’s All About the Purity

The Evanger’s brand is built around her picky eaters. One of the most popular varieties of is “Hunk of Beef”.

Just like it sounds, this is a “hunk of beef” in a can.

She originally developed it for her Samoyed/Chow mix Yukon who wouldn’t eat anything else. He loved it. Until he grew tired of eating steak every day--then it was on to the next challenge.

She says she eats the sweet potatoes herself at times. “It’s just sweet potatoes—nothing else.”

In fact, she says when you open a can of chicken—it smells like chicken because that’s all that’s in it. It’s the same with the salmon and the turkey and any of the other foods.

Holly says canned food is healthier for your dog than dry food because it has no preservatives.

When asked about home cooked meals for your pet, she says, “You can do that if it makes you feel better but I’m cooking for your dog when I can this food.”

In addition to “Hunk of Beef” and “Sweet Potatoes”, they offer a Signature Series which includes flavors like “Slow Cooked Turkey Stew for Dogs” and “Slow Cooked Chicken Stew for Dogs”.

They even make a kosher dog food.

What Keeps Her Motivated?

Her work schedule is a grueling 7 days a week. She says the paperwork around regulations to ship overseas is non-stop. Yet, she loves what she does.

“I answer the phones when I’m here on a Sunday. People call and tell me I saved their dog’s life, that’s so rewarding.”

She also feeds lots of shelter animals by donating pet food to local shelters.

She’s a community advocate and locals know they can come to her for help if they need pet food. Her spirit of generosity shown through on our call.

Frankly, I'm impressed at her accessibility. She has a million things on her plate but she took a 1/2 hour to talk with me after we connected in a Linked In group. I'm sure she'll talk about with you too if you call.

75 Years Strong

While Evanger’s has been in business for 75 years, Holly’s been at the helm for 10 years when her husband who sold fresh meats discovered it was for sale. Today it’s the last family owned cannery in the country.

In keeping with that family spirit, her 5 kids are working in the business. One daughter is a graphic designer.

She’s a firm believer in supporting the “little guy”. Everything is made in the USA and they sell primarily to independent pet stores because she wants to help them have an edge over the big box retailers.

Towards the end of our conversation she said they were working on something "huge" at Evanger’s.

She didn't say it was a canned food. But that it would revolutionize the way we feed our pets. She was excited and I felt she was having to bite her tongue not to spill the secret.

It’ll be ready in about a month.

About the Product: Evanger’s is on

Whole Dog Journal's list of approved canned foods and despite some squabbles with the FDA in recent years, they’ve had their food tested at independent labs.

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