Chester, a Beagle-mix, at 9 mo. I adopted him at 9 mo.. He just turned one year. I'm so lucky to have him.

by Janice
(Portland, Oregon)

Chester has some strange game of tag that he plays... by himself.

It consists of him placing a bone, a scrap of paper, or even a dust mote,
on the floor in one spot, then he runs like crazy around the apt. and then
back to the object, touches it with his nose and then takes off again, full
speed, around the apt. again and back to the object.He'll do this
over and over again until.... well, I guess until he wins! ; ) I am not invited to
play this game and if I try he just stops playing! He absolutely cracks me
up every time he does this. There is a throw rug 'involved' that he slides on
when he's returning to the start each time. He's SO into it and SO funny.
He's such a silly pup, he cracks me up all the time.

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