by Joyce

I had a Chihuahua, Tia, for ten years.

My husband gave her to me for Christmas the year before we were married.

She was so precious, my little girl. She was my best friend and we "talked" about everything. I always told her that if she died before me, I would always have a Chihuahua in my life in her honor, because she had spoiled me.

She died a year ago in February, heart problems. I was devastated. She died on a Friday and the next morning I headed out to go shopping, just had to get out of the house, it felt so empty without my little Tia girl.

I knew PetSmart was having their Humane Society Day and decided to go and see the dogs. I did not plan to adopt a dog that day, just wanted some comfort. When I got to the back of the store, the first dog I saw was Chica - a beautiful Chihuahua. She was skin and bones and looked near death, but was very friendly and affectionate.

You could tell she wanted a person to share her life with. I spent two hours sitting with her, getting to know each other. My husband called and I asked him to come by and look at her. He was not too thrilled, but knew how heartbroken I was and so he came by. Chica greeted him with love and affection, also. He told me if it would make me feel better to go ahead and adopt her.

He tries to be very macho, but even he had admitted he was really missing Tia and the house felt so quiet and empty without her.

Chica gained her weight back in no time with regular meals. She is such a sweetheart and has definitely become one of the family - our new little girl.

She did not take Tia's place, but she has made a place of her own in our hearts. I think Tia had a part in my going to PetSmart that day and Chica being there...she knew how heartbroken I would be without her. Adopting or rescuing a dog gives you such a good feeling - but truthfully, I needed her just as much as she needed me.

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Jul 28, 2010
Chica is lucky to have you
by: Lori

So happy to hear that Chica helped you thru your loss. As you say, you can't replace Tia, but having another furkid around sure does help the heartbreak and tears. Chica is lucky to have a caring parent like you! Many happy years to you and Chica!

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