chie chie -chinese shar-pei

by fannie

is a toy!!

is a toy!!

when she try to be cute she kinda make a pose, like in the picture,she is the sweetiest puppy in the whole world, she play all day,run around in her own little running-circuit(around the dinner table and then around the couch to the hall and back to around the whole circuit again)she love to watch movies with dogs in it, loves to go shopping to the pet store because she loves to been pet by every single person in the store.

I love to bring her with me to the store because people always say that she is so sweet for a shar-Pei and i always respond with the same answer "is not the dog that is mean is the person who makes them".

Thank you guys for helping everybody with all the ideas and recipes,i'm going to start trying to make her own homemade treat because she is getting tired of raw carrots and apples,she don't get many treats i'd got her on a natural as possible diet.

i wish i can post all the bunch of pictures she got,but let me choose the best to share,
she is my my puppy...

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