Chloe is a Husky mix rescued from a puppy mill, and Reese is a Lab/Sheaphead mix rescued from the SPCA

by Jolene
(Ottawa, Ontario)

Reese(left) and Chloe(right)

Reese(left) and Chloe(right)

Chloe and Reese are two very special puppies...i could not imagine life without them. We got Chloe as a 7 week old puppy...she was the cutest thing we ever saw. Almost one year later we adopted Reese from the SPCA as a 4 month old puppy. He was the only one at the shelter that was sitting so calmly im his crate...and i fell in love with his dopey personality and silly ears. For them, it was love at first sight! They LOVE to play and wrestle with each other a lot. One thing about Chloe that makes us laugh is the way that she pounces on everything...even on us in bed in the mornings. Reese loves to give love, and be loved. Its is mission to see how many kisses he can give in a day. They are also very sweet with each other...Each morning during their morning snuggle in bed, Chloe will clean Reese up for the day...she starts by licking his eyes, then his ears and sometimes makes her way into his mouth. He sometimes gets annoyed by this and will try and bite at her.

Thanks everyone for listening...lets keep helping to save dogs lives and give them a healthy, happy future!

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