Coleman - Miniature Dachshund

by Jerry
(Belton, TX 76513)



I live in a two room travel trailer. Any time Coleman is not asleep, he wants to play with a ball. He can destroy a tennis ball in an hour or two.

Finally, I found racket balls. He will play with them until he drops. He
wants me to throw them into the other room, so that he can chase it.

If he is outside in his pen, I will sometime put his big ball in there. I also do this if we go to the storage shed (it is climate controlled and is inside with a long hallway). It is a kids' ball (about 8 inches in diameter). He will chase it and try to bite it until his tongue is hanging out.

The look he is giving the camera is the same look as he gives me when he wants me to throw it, again.

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